Real Time Ultrasound

Real Time Ultrasound VictoriaShelbourne Physiotherapy now offers Real-Time imaging to assist the recovery and aid in the prevention of  pelvic floor problems. Our specially-trained Victoria Physiotherapists Penny Salmas and Holly Mallari can image the deep muscles in your  lower abdominal area and pelvis to check if they are working correctly or even working at all!

Its important to learn how to activate the inner unit of muscles in your tummy, back and pelvic floor that can be seen with Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS) to enhance core stability and improve motor control in any painful spine and pelvic conditions. Many chronic problems in the back and pelvis do not improve with treatment or exercises because the deep unit is either not working at all or people are exercising the wrong muscle group (outer unit), so they are exercising the wrong way!

Using the portable Real Time Ultrasound machine  your Shelbourne Physiotherapist can show you which muscles should be working and how to activate them correctly in Real-Time !! Its non-invasive, there is no radiation.

What is Real Time Ultrasound Physiotherapy?

The best way to activate the correct core stability muscles is to actually see them working on a real-time ultrasound scan. Yes, it’s just like seeing an unborn baby.

real time ultrasound VictoriaWhen we attempt to retrain your deep core stability muscle such as Transversus Abdominis (TA) or Multifidus (MF), being able to feel the muscle working is very important. Unfortunately, since the TA muscle is located deep in your abdomen and beneath two outer muscles, it can be quite hard to feel whether it is switching on or not. And, it’s almost impossible to detect whether the outer two muscles are working rather than the correct muscle.

This is where the ultrasound scanner comes into its own. The technique of Ultrasound Retraining, carried out with the guidance of a specially trained physiotherapist, enables you to quickly learn how to correctly contract your TA and MF.

The Real Time Ultrasound scanner provides you and your Shelbourne Physiotherapist with a video picture of your muscles working. This enables you to precisely match up what you think you feel with what is actually happening beneath your skin at that very moment.

This makes it much easier for you to correctly do your deep core stability exercises at home, which will quicken the solution to your pain.