Coccydynia/Tailbone Pain

Tailbone coccydynia treatment victoria bcThe joint between the coccyx (tailbone) and sacrum at the base of the spine can be injured or sprained, much like a joint in the ankle or wrist. Symptoms can be aggravated by sitting, lying flat and when rising from a sitting position.

Tailbone coccyx pain can be difficult to manage, as the joint cannot be braced like an ankle or a wrist can. When the joint is injured, the pelvic floor muscles that surround and attach to the coccyx can spasm in an attempt to protect the joint. This muscle spasm can further aggravate the joint by tugging on it – and a vicious cycle is set up.

Treatment for the condition involves learning how to calm this muscle spasm and employing other strategies to decrease or eliminate pain. Physiotherapy can successfully treat the symptoms of coccydynia. A Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist can give you advice about posture and movement to help reduce your pain.

online physio victoria bcOur Victoria Shelbourne Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists Shannon HuffHolly Mallari & Leah Taylor can teach you some simple exercises and stretches to help relax the muscles around your tailbone.



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