Core Physiotherapy Victoria BCThroughout life women can undergo significant changes to their bodies, most notably during pregnancy. At Shelbourne Physiotherapy we are passionate in assisting women to achieve their specific exercise goals in a safe way, using an individualized approach.


Our ‘core’ muscles include the deep muscles of the abdomen and back, our diaphragm and the pelvic floor muscles. When working well, these core muscles work together as a part of a system, which helps maintain continence, sexual function, and support of our internal organs. Additionally there is research showing the relationship between our core muscles and pain conditions, such as pelvis and low back pain. If there is an imbalance within our core muscle system, this can affect how our body moves and functions.

Some people are more at risk of pelvic floor or core weakness. Women are usually more at risk given hormonal effects and physical demands on their bodies during the childbearing years and beyond. But it is not only women who have had babies that can have pelvic floor dysfunction, pain or continence problems – teens and men can have core imbalances as well!