Post-Operative Pelvic Floor Recovery and Rehabilitation

The pelvic floor muscles and the fascial system (connective tissue) both support the organs within the pelvic cavity (the bladder, the uterus and the rectum). When the pelvic floor and the fascia have been damaged, one or a combination of the pelvic organs can descend into the vagina. The prolapse can descend to various levels within the vaginal canal, and can bulge or protrude out of the vagina.

If surgery was desired or required to manage prolapse, pelvic floor exercises can improve the muscular support of the organs and can help maintain the benefits of surgery and decrease the recurrence of the prolapse after surgery.

It is very important that the pelvic floor has enough strength and endurance to support the organs in tasks of daily living as well as in your occupation and exercise choices. Prolapse can return over time even after surgical correction if not properly supported by the pelvic floor muscles.

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