Do not stretch before activity

stretching Physiotherapy VictoriaDo not Stretch before Strenuous Activity

Static stretching alone is not recommended as an appropriate form of warm-up, specially with people participating in events that require strength and explosive power, more so than endurance.
It loosens muscles and their accompanying tendons, making them less able to store energy and spring into action, like lax elastic waistbands in old shorts. The impact increases in people who hold individual stretches for 90 seconds or more. This effect is somewhat reduced when people’s stretches last less than 45 seconds.
In one study young, fit men performed standard squats with barbells. The volunteers could manage 8.3 percent less weight after the static stretching. They also reported that they felt less stable and more unbalanced after the stretching than when they did not stretch. Let our Victoria Physiotherapists at Shelbourne Physiotherapy show you the proper way to warm up before your specific activities.

So, what should I do, if I am not to stretch?

Dynamic warm Up

Dynamic warm Up

Warm-up dynamically, by moving the muscles that will be called upon in the workout. Jumping jacks and toy-soldier-like high leg kicks, for instance, prepare muscles for additional exercise way better than static stretching.


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