Manual Physiotherapy in Victoria, B.C.

Our Victoria Physiotherapists are health care professionals who diagnose and provide hands-on treatment and exercise prescription to address movement dysfunction. Physiotherapists also plan and implement individual treatment programs to prevent physical disabilities. There is no referral necessary to visit Shelbourne Clinic Physiotherapists, and most extended health care plans cover Physiotherapy treatment. A Physiotherapist is a university graduate of an accredited Physiotherapy program, who is qualified to:
• establish a physical diagnosis and determine a client’s movement potential through detailed history- analysis and evaluative outcome measurements and hands-on tests;
• plan and implement physiotherapy treatment programs, using specialized knowledge and skills in exercise prescription and hands-on techniques for the prevention and treatment of movement dysfunction;
• evaluate results to track patient improvement or to modify treatment;
• develop physical-health promotion programs and screening tools;
• provide education and consulting services to the public and other health-care professionals;
• undertake related professional activities such as maintaining detailed records of patient’s treatment and progress, research, teaching, and administration. Movement dysfunction is any alteration in normal body kinetics that limits effective or efficient body performance. Movement dysfunction may be due to pain, congenital anomalies, disease processes, accident or injury, enforced inactivity, problems secondary to aging, or psychological or social stress. The dysfunction may be manifested in actual or potential impairment related to neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, respiratory or cardiovascular systems.

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