What are Shin Splints and how do I prevent them?

What are Shin Splints and how do I prevent them?

Shin SplintsOur Victoria Physiotherapists  can help you get relief from your running injuries. Shin Splints are an inflammatory condition of the front part of the tibia and refers to the pain in the shins located in the front of the lower legs. Shin Splints can be quite common in athletes who do stop start sports such as tennis, soccer, basketball or squash, as well as runners who run too much on hard surfaces overloading the tendons and muscles in the lower leg

Shin Splints have two main causes:

1.Excessive impact on the muscle
2.Exerting extensive pressure on the lower leg muscles

To prevent getting Shin Splits from reoccurring take these tips:

1. Stretch your Achilles – Stand in front of a step or an elevated surface and place the ball of your right foot on the edge of the step. An Achilles stretch lengthens the tendons and muscles on the back of your leg. Repeat 3 x on each side.
2. Stretch your Gastrocnemius (calf muscle) – Stand in front of a wall and extend your arms to rest your hands against the wall. Step your right leg back with your heel on the ground. Your left leg should be bent. Repeat 3 x on each side. It is important to keep your tendons and muscles flexible and strong – you must stretch everyday.
3. Wear correct shoes for your specific foot type, especially if you are a regular runner. Have 2 different pair of runners, and alternate wearing them to vary the stresses on your legs.
4. Avoid hills and excessively hard surfaces to prevent recurrence.
5. Visit Shelbourne Physiotherapy for an assessment by an experienced Physiotherapist. Treatment may include manual therapy, ultrasound, Acupuncture, dryneedling or intramuscular stimulation (IMS), exercise prescription and appropriate strengthening and stretching routines.

If you have Shin Splints, to raise your chances of full recovery it is important to take immediate action after the injury by applying ice, and elevating the area for the first 48 to 72 hrs as much as possible. If pain persists see your Physiotherapist at our main Victoria Physiotherapy Clinic or our Cook Street Physiotherapy Clinic. Call us today at 250-598-9828 for the Shelbourne Clinic or 250-381-9828 to reach our Cook Street Physiotherapy Clinic.

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